Why A Nude Photo Session in Your 50s Is Not Such a Bad Idea After All – BY Angelika Buettner & Diane Di Costanzo

“I know in describing my body I’m revealing my body image as well, but the truth is it’s a kind of a “move along people, there’s nothing to see here” situation. Which makes me an unlikely candidate for a nude portrait…

Or so thought until I met Angelika Buettner at a party, a lovely German photographer who told me about the photos she takes of nude women. Angelika’s career involves shooting fashion and beauty photography of the world’s most beautiful women for both editorial and advertising. Her personal work is all about real women au naturel, in every sense of that phrase — naked but also without hair and makeup stylists, with available lighting only, in environments that are meaningful to them. When I perused her portfolio, I was amazed at the settings people chose. Riding bareback (and bare front) on a horse. Diving into a swimming pool. Floating, Ophelia-like, in a pond. They were all so beautiful! Maybe I, magically, would be beautiful through her lens as well. ”


“…. Angelika’s way with me was easy. Truly, I forgot she was there as I sat on a velvet ottoman reading a book about the Italian illustrator Giovanni Piranese and then a paperback copy of “Harriet the Spy.” I had wanted my activity to be reading, as that’s what I tend to do in my spare time, having no horses, pool or pond as amusements. Angelika agreed to this, shooting a few cards full of Nude, Reading 1960s YA Novel. When I started to feel like a nutty librarian who forgot to wear her underpants to work, I walked outside to pose on the balcony with the view, the dazzling September sky and also quite a bit of boating activity (hey sailors!) as backdrop. Then we climbed up to the roof, where I practiced an old ballet combination I’d forgotten until that very moment: glissade, glissade, jeter. I did a goddess pose against a cinderblock wall, burnished to a fine gold by the day’s last light.”


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